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Well, here I go!


Hi, my name is Alex Shorter and my family and I live in Wenatchee, Washington. I was inspired by other Wenatchee moms to start a blog about my family and work. So here I go!

Here’s a little about my family and me.

My husband, Ryan, and I were blessed on August 14th, 2011 with the birth of our son, Carl!  He is a smiling little guy and just loves life. His first birthday is coming right up and I can’t believe it! They really do grow up too fast. Ryan and I are enjoying our new role of being parents.

Carl keeps us very busy and his favorite hobby right now is rounding up all the different kinds of paper in the house.  He feels strongly that it must be shredded and stuffed in his mouth!

Ryan is the Program Director & Head Coach of the Mission Ridge Ski Team and I am in charge of running the 12 & younger programs within MRST  You may have seen my athletes skiing around at the Ridge, (they wear the little green coats) and are so cute!

As a husband and wife team, Ryan and I run summer and fall ski racing camps out of Mt. Hood, Oregon and Vail, Colorado.  Our business is called PV Alpine and we work with kids from 8 years old to master’s racers and everyone in between. We give 100 percent, providing each athlete with a great camp experience while helping them improve their skiing in a focused, positive environment. I run all the administration, cook three meals a day for both athletes and coaches and am the “house mom.”  Ryan is the Head Coach/ Program director and manages all the hill work, among so many other things!

I also keep busy in the off season running my photography business Alexandra Otto Photography and work with families, seniors and brides!

My goal is to blog once a month this year, and I’m hopeful that you will share your own stories of motherhood and life in general with me!

Here we go!

Well, here is the start of the journey starting June 20th, 2012. We packed up and headed to Mt. Hood to run our camps.

Unpacking a LOAD of food!
30 people (athletes, coaches & staff) x 3 meals a day = a lot of cooking!

A group of athletes and coaches from Session 1! Love these guys!

One of the many birthday cakes I made this summer! So fun to get to celebrate with so many nice kids 🙂 Lucky to get to have them at camp on their birthdays!

Photos by Josh Sanborn!

Ryan slaying some sweet turns and coaching his awesome group!  Photos by Josh Sanborn

Coach Clare Wise creating the flag cake for the 4th of July!

Clare’s cake turned out beautifully! It is pictured next to what I call my garbage can cake. I created it using her scrapes and then added fruit to cover up how trashy the top looked 🙂 !

A slice of Clare’s amazing cake!!!

Fun skiing and dryland at PVA Camp!

One of my favorite photos taken this summer! Carl and I ran into some friends on a walk and this is what happened 🙂 Fun fact about the guy Carl is pictured with: Marcus is going to be in the new Warren Miller movie! Look for him and the lovely lady who took this picture (Keely) when you watch it!

Turns out kids of all ages just love straws!

Carl loved all the kids at camp! He made lots of new friends 🙂

Carl on his 1st hike! He loved it and many more!!!

Loving our little family!

This little dude loves his blocks!!!

S’mores night is always fun at camp 🙂

The kids loving the s’more and campfire, even in the rain!

Carl took off while at camp! He learned to pull himself up and crawl 🙂

Going through drawers and cupboards while mommy works!

The campers slaying and having fun!  Photos by Josh Sanborn

4th of July Feast!

Love finding little flowers on a hikes.

The kids at 5:30am ready to go skiing!  This picture is from one of the last days!

Took this late at night on our way back to Wenatchee on July 16th, 2012.

Ryan had us back at Crossfit Cashmere the next day!

This little dude loves to get a workout in too!

Love those shades!

Enjoying some family time for the next few weeks before heading back to Hood for our last camp of the summer!


3 thoughts on “Well, here I go!

  1. Had to get on the computer to get the full meal deal! I love it all – I can NOT get over that picture of Ryan at Crossfit! That’s gotta be taller than me!!

  2. Thanks so much! It’s not perfect but it’s a start!

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